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We provide the following services to small or medium sized companies, startups or individuals at an affordable rate. Our objective is to deliver the following legal services right into your inbox.

Our Services

  • Contract Drafting

We prepare, review and modify contracts to assist and support various business activities of the client. Our team negotiates, reviews and drafts documentation for business transactions and prepares and advises on the necessary checklist to be adopted to ensure information is submitted on time.

Some of our area of expertise includes but not limited to SaaS agreement, Software License Agreement, project agreements, terms and conditions for website and privacy policy, Real Estate Contracts, HR Policy, Standard Operating Procedures and commercial contracts

  • Due Diligence and Title Scrutiny Reports 

Legal opinion on title of properties are the most inevitable part in both purchase of properties and Loan Against Property (Mortgages). 

We prepare detailed title scrutiny reports with regards to the property being mortgaged or proposed to be purchased to ensure whether the title holder has clear, valid and marketable title to the property. You can simply upload all documents in this web site using the menu "Upload Documents" and forget it. You will get the report right in your inbox without wasting your time. 

  • Legal Documentation

Business documents are important as they facilitate enforcement of our rights. Improper and insufficient documents including various types of loan agreements may adversely affect the recovery of amount from defaulters. We review the existing documentation and provide amended documentation in line with existing laws and regulations which ensure zero failure in enforceability.

  • NPA Management and Recovery

Recovery from Non-Performing Assets is a herculean task for all organisations and only proper, effective and timely legal and non legal actions will increase/ speed up the recovery. Managing NPA through appropriate actions with soft dunning letters, legal notices, Alternative Disputes Redressal Mechanisms, litigations in different jurisdictions based on the requirements will be introduced and its execution and effectiveness will be monitored and reviewed closely to ensure improved recovery.

  • Legal Audit

A very rare phenomenon implemented in Corporates even now, but it will ensure that all the necessary corrections are made in the documentations, policies, systems, SoPs etc. so that those become cent percent enforceable which leads to effective recovery and risk mitigation. 

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